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Why You Have to Dry Your Hair Before Going to Bed

Almost every person has ever gone to bed with wet hair. Despite the reality that we know not the specific dangers of this, we know that it is an awful thing to do. There are several reasons why you should not sleep with wet hair. After a long day at work, most people desire to take a shower immediately after they get at home. What we look forward to doing after this is get to bed. This explains why several individuals fall asleep while their hair is still wet. Whatever reason you give for this; the children you’re taking care of at home, tiring day, or any other, it is valid. It is clear that it is hard to afford sufficient time for you. This is one of the regions that need your attention. Ensure you read this page for more.

It is uncomfortable. The first explanation for not sleeping with wet hair is it is downright uncomfortable. This will keep you frozen when you’re attempting to get cozy. It is not also comfortable to have water trickle down your neck plus back when trying to sleep. Your pillows and blanket will also become wet due to wet hair and this will deny you a comfortable sleep. Even if isn’t a peril, it gives you a reason not to do it.

There is the reason for promoting bacteria growth. When your pillow and blankets become wet, they give the bacteria the chance to grow. This is because the water running from your hair grants the bacteria perfect breeding ground. You may replace your pillowcase in the morning as well as wash your sheets but it is less likely that you’ll do this each morning. Cleaning your pillowcases every morning is much work. The humidity from your hair will infiltrate your pillowcase and trickle into the pillow. Without appropriate drying, bacteria is going to have a great chance to thrive here.

Next, there’s hair breakage. Have you ever tried to do everything to keep your hair growing strong plus withstand breakage? It demands a lot to have hair remain strong and healthy. Wt hair is at great risk of breakage. With dry hair, things are not so.

Dandruff is the other explanation. Speaking of fungus and bacteria growth on your scalp, going to bed while hair is still wet causes dandruff. The natural oil of your hair is absorbed hence causing irritation to your hair. Owing to these reasons, sleep with dry hair.