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Pros, and Cons of Suboxone as a Treatment Option for People with Opioid Addiction

All over the world, there are so many people that have some kind of drug addiction that they struggle with. In some places there is a full-blown drug epidemic. Unfortunately, there is a disproportionally low number of addiction treatment centers that are supposed to help people get their life back from addiction. If you are close to anyone that is addicted to drugs and he or she is in therapy, then you should have heard of a drug that is called suboxone. The main use of suboxone is in treating drug addiction. The use of suboxone is something that not everyone agrees with. One of the main reasons why it is controversial is that there are downsides as well as upsides to its use. In this site, you will get the main pros and cons to using suboxone in opioid addiction treatment, which you can use to discover more on the issue.

The first advantage of suboxone is that is effective. However, this result can only be obtained when it is used together with other medications. The result of using only suboxone is that you will be disappointed. The ideal way to use suboxone is to also go to therapy and support groups if you want the full results of suboxone.

If opioid addicts stop using the drugs that they are addicted to they are going to experience some harsh withdrawal symptoms. It has been found that using suboxone has been very helpful in reducing severe withdrawal symptoms. When one is able to overcome the withdrawal symptoms, then he or she will have a higher chance of not relapsing. This will help the addicts to focus on many other treatment options since the cravings will be dealt with. The other pro for using suboxone is that it has a low price. This means that is accessible to the many people that need it.

One demerit that has been observed very keenly is that continuous use of suboxone can easily lead to additional addiction. When You make the mistake of choosing to only use suboxone in the therapy process, then the suboxone is what will end up being what the patient is addicted to. This is why most of the patients using suboxone end up abusing the suboxone prescription they get. Hence, it is has been recommended by so many experts that the only time suboxone should be used is to assist therapy. There is also the lack of sleep that is a side effect of using suboxone. Additional effects of using suboxone are fatigue and a general feeling of extreme tiredness. The most likely scenario for a patient that goes through these side effects is relapsing. There are those patients that have had stomach upsets from using suboxone which led to nausea and vomiting.